"A political war is a skirmish fought with muskets. A philosophical battle is a nuclear war"-Ayn Rand. Now, if you're gonna fight in this man's jihad, you need the level of weaponry that this demands. The disintegrator guns, photon torpedoes, proton torpedoes. nukes, chemical and biological WMD that can take out the equivalent of whole batallions in a swipe as well as the muskets, knives and polearms to do the in detail work when annihilating an entire starfleet or obliterating a whole planet is just flat out too much overkill for the mission. The Intellectual Ordinance Depot, our name for the Q&A is for you. You ask, we answer in the Randite context. The "ordinance" is not the specific content. Rather, it is the methodology (how we do it) that we use which is Reason and its tool. Logic, and the principles we present and how they apply to the specific contennt.

To start,I provide a sample to give you an idea of what it looks like

By What Authority do you speak as a Randite?[sample Q&A]