WHO IS JOHN GATL...er...GLAT..aahh GOHN JALT...um...

If you go through my websites and you don't find any typographical errors, then heigh thee hence to you ophmoth..er.omoth...um..photom....the person that looks at your eyes to see that they are working righ. Not ornothologist: Ophthomologist you birdbrane!

Alll of my websites and blogs are 100% amateur. 90% of what I do is my own. and the rest, notably javascript is by persons who do this for a hobby and like to display their wares and If I can't give individual recognition, I at least mention them in the credits.. Since this is really an auxiliary site. you will have to go to the Space Patrol site to find this.

However, this is a text-heavy site. Now, this is done on a typewriter keyboard. One of the banes of the art of keyboard entry of letters is typographical errors. They come from mis-spelled words, mis-sruck keys, keys not struck hard enough and that sort of thing.

In professional circles, this is taken care of by professionals called proofreaders. If this were a glitzy, $10,000/year site (would that I had that kind of resource) then I would have a proefessional webmaster, IT consultant and proofreader at my beck and call. But I don't. Therefore I have to do it myseelf. Now, some persons like the "homebrew" look and feel. I'm a Notepad kind of guy. I like to get right down in the mud and play. I'd rather fight with my hands than a weapon, with a knife rather than a gun and with a gun rather than a grenade or shell.

Consequently, I do my onw proofing. Now of all the situations in the world, self-proofing is the worst. Even spell-check doesn't help that much. Self proofing is the worst for a number of reasons.

There are defenses against that. The best is to let the piece sit for a few days. Then go back over it. But no matter what you do, there will always be some that get by you. It has been the case that I had sworn up and down that I got them all. then I go back to read the article in place and gues what: "How the [bleep] did I miss that one?" Even now I know where there are a couple that I have to root out and fix. They're in long essays and I have to go through them at my leisrue.

it is even worse with HTML since some of those miserable little wretches can effect the display of the page; and if you are using high-level HTML that can get scary.

BTW: Who is John Galt? UPDATE: I just found six of tha narsty littl buggers on the first pass. UPDATE #2 I found one in the HTML on the second pass