The MISSION of this SITE

This is a site for newbies to the world of ideas, or for Objectivists who wish to have a home where they are welcome and want to fell comfortable. objectivism or Randism (which I use to distinguish the original from the pretenders that have adopted that name and from othe philosophies that share the doctrine of metaphysical objectivism). is a specific philosophical system with specific origins. It is one of several. It is the one that I have made mine. It fits me to the last decimal place; but it is one of many

Having read the ealier article, you must know that you will need a philosophy to function as a full-bore adult. Now, it is always better to comparison shop. Would you buy the first car you saw? Not if you are smart and experienced. So why just grab up something that is will determin how you function as a person, which is far more crucial than a car, suit of clothes or computer? To do that, you need to be aware of certain things, notably what is philosphy and what is Objectivism. I provide those things. If you know what philsophy is, and it's not hard or arcane or abastruse but asks everyday quiestions. How do I know what the world is "really" like? What can I say that I know and how well? What is the right things to can I figure out the right thing to do? This is the stuff of philosophy.

I hold that idea for idea. Objectivism, as propounded by Ayn Rand. does it best. Therefore I do two things. explain cerrtain ideas, like egoism, egotism and egocentrism, why obkectivism is aclosed system or more correctly, a complete sytem (a complete system is, by nature closed, but not all closed systems are complete), and so on.