when you think of anything to do with the philosophical system of Ayn Rand, you think of capitalism. Inceed. it appeared in the title of one of her non-fiction books, we link to a fine publication called "Capitalism Magazine", and for over 45 years the dollar sign had become a ubiquitous emblem of Objectivism: of the dollar sign, Miss Rand sad that she liked the symbol of US money because she theorized that the symbol with the two vertical lines represented the initials "US" as well as the money symbol represented "free trade and a free mind". So you think that all adherents of the philosphy are hardline pro-capitaists.

Well that is not necessarily true. Miss Rand has said "...If I had to choose between capitalism without reason or not at all then not at all". Now there is a hint here. Also. There are other considerations.

Now as for me. There are other things. That does not mean I shrink from the debate. I use the knowledge that I have to support what capitalism exists and prevent the loss of what there is of it. I am just not a frontline advocate of this system. If the battle comes my way I will join in and probably do better than 80% of the proponents, who are usually Christina Conservatives and whose Metaphysics and Epistemology clash with Captialism, but I'm not the "go-to guy" for that fight.