About this Logo

It is the nature of things fot human systems to have a symbol, what we now call a "logo", whether it is a busienss' trademark, the Christian cross or other relgious emblem, the Presidential seal, the dreaded New York Yankees NY, or the British lion. This serves to identify what it stands for in a visual therefore sensory, therefore existential, therefore what seems to be an immediately apparent way. This is most relevent to Objectivism since the starting point is the external world of the sensorily apparent.

For decades, the Objectivists have used the dollar sign as the logo. This has its roots in Atlas Shrugged and the fact that Ayn Rand had a gold dollar sign pin. The underpinnings of that was "free trade: free minds" and that she held to the idea that in the version of the dollar sign with two vertical lines. these lines were the two vertical components of the U in "US". The rest of it just went on from there. It had a rather "organic" development and became adopted by pretty much all Objectivist publication.

However, I find it insufficient: Good as far as it goes, but it does not go nearly far enough.

Why? Or rather, how come?

A nation's money; any nation and any money, is an element of its economic system. Any economic system is based on a nation's political system and comes under "political economics". Now political economics is a sub-function of Politics. Politics is a consequnece of Ethics. Ethics is a consequence of Metaphysics and Epistemology. Politics, Ethics, Metaphysics and Epistemology, along with Aesthetics are branches or subdivisions of, Philosophy. In fact, Miss Rand held that "Philosophy is mostly Epistemology" and wrote considerably more about the workings of Epistemology than about the workings of Capitalism. Far too often, Objectism is discussed in terms of Capitalism vs Socialism, when in reality, the relationship is the other way around. Hence the Capitalism of Objectivism and Capitalism as it is discussed are not the same, only similar.

I concur with the Epistemology-centric view of Philosophy since Metaphysics is fixed and outside the realm of human manipulation. Ethics, Politics and Aesthetics are also outside the realm of direct human intervention once the specific content of Metaphysicis and Epistemology are settled. However. Epistemology is open to choice: One can try to use Mysticism, Reason or some mixture. Only one of these is efficient in relation to the world that is identified in Metaphysics but one does chose ones epistemological method. One could almost view Epistemology as a kind of application of Metaphysics to the Human function of mentality. Also, in Metaphysics, the world is seen as a target of observation with no reference to the observer. Epistemology also includes and stresses the dynmaics that are part of the observer since the observer will use what he observes to fit his needs and wants, including the laws of Metaphysics. hence the differentiation between the metaphysically given and the man-made, which then becomes the metaphysically given as part of the next stage of operation

Objectivism is a fully functional Aristotelian philosophy; one of 3 that I know of: Aristotelianism, Thomism and Randite Objectism. As such, it has its own mindset and worldview and therefore is a "whole world" philosophy.

To me, a logo should be a visual representation; like the "stars and stripes", the British Lion and various heraldic images. Since the creation of the World Wide Web, and the massive participation therein, the concept of a personal "avatar" has arisen. This is a small personal logo that represents the perso (usually posting to a forum) and is usually an image of something that reflects that person's interest or self-identification. The parts of the image stand for ideas. A logo for a philosophy needs to represent more than one aspect or thing, which is why I find the dollar sign good as far as it goes, but insufficient, meaning that it does not go far or deep enough to tell the tale. Also, with the rise of Yaron Brooks, an Israeli, to the headship of the Ayn Rand Institute, the dollar sing, being the emblem of a specific nation, as a logo or avatar, is now a falsehood. Randite Objectivism has officially gone worldwide. Let us look at the logo and find the meanings

1.The colors I chose the colors from my experience with primary Objectivist publications The blue-green was Miss Rand's favorite color. Also gold and black appeard in them
2. The three-dot triangle has been the symbol of "ergo" and "therefore" for centuries. In this case there is further meaning derived from "factual premises and valid reasoning yield true conclusions". It also helps that Miss Rand was fond of the strong "R" sound.
  1. Bottom left: Reality; the external world, the "factual premises"
  2. Bottom right: Reason; the process of logic, integrating facts into a non-contradictory, systematic, hierarchical whole
  3. Top center: Right: In Mataphysics; true, in Epistemology; correct, in Ethics; the Good, in Politics; Individual Rights and in Aesthetics; Romanticism.
3. The basic shape triangule with Reality and Reason at, and as, the base, pointing to the apex; the focal point and culmination of the Epistemological process.
4. The Greek letter "psy" for "Psyche" wich means "soul" and the mind of man
5. The wings which have for aeons symbolized power, speed and stength
6. The figure: This is Atlas, not the struggling Atlas but the triumpnant Atlas of the scene where Galt says "[in due time] We are going back [to the rest of the world]", standing tall and proud
7. The lightning-slashed circle represents the world as envisioned in philosophy, not just Earth but the universal Orb. the Lightning stands for the totality of power and energy and has done so for thousands of years in many cultures.

This to me is a more fitting symbol of all that the Randian philosophy is. If you chose to make any mnore of it than that, such as a bizarre interpretation that the lightning bolt is a secret Nazi symbol and signal, or that the Universal Orb represents some secret pagan cult, or some other nonsense, that pertains to you and you alone. All definitive and descriptive material is what is on this page. If, in adopting it as emblematic of your worldview and mindset under the aegis of anything Randian/Objectivist. You may put any personal symbol in the empty space, which I have. However, that too, pertains to you and you alone.

My personal logo
That is permissible because Objectivism has as a major tenet, individualism. just do not make it too "busy" and preferably keep it gold or black and gold. Both of these admonitions are so that it does not distract. Also,do not use a negative, such as a cross in the "no" slashed circle to mean "atheism". First, that particular image would be redundant. Second, it is about what you are, not what you are not. Atheism also applies to Marxists and Nihilists and that sure's hell ain't us. Most importantly, it must not be incompatible with Objectivism, meaning that a cross, hammer and sickle or any symbol of an irrationalist system, if you are not being ironic or funny, which you would have to make pointedly explicit in some way, just doesn't make it. A cat or rocket would be perfectly fine if you are an ailurophile as was Miss Rand, or a 1950's "space nut" like me. A US flag would be fine as would the venerable dollar sign. And don't even think of the Playboy Bunny (the modern symbol of Hedonism although, in 1964, Miss Rand was interviewed by Alvin Toffler for Playboy; even Asimov had a couple of serious articles there. But that was then,this is now)