This is for the edification of the younger Objectivists who have not been where I have, seen what I have seen, had to do something nor did what I did. Believe it or not, the world existed before 1980.

There are several reasons. They come from the middle and late 1970's when I was in college (my second time around, my first attempt having been made a hash of for a number of causes betweem 1963-5 with repercussions beyond that timeframe, which , had I been an Objectivist and even at the tender age of 18 I might have navigated successfully (The sudden death of the quivalent of a father, trying to work nearly full time in the family business, which later balooned into a 70 hour work week, and being under 25. All of this left me very little time for myself. By the time I turned 20 I was a mess, then came an emotional crisis which lead to a crisis in my understanding of human nature. At the end of it all, I did not have "issues" I was a walking issue). Let me say that by "Randism" I mean specifically that philsophy founded and espoused by Ayn Rand and named Objectivism:


  1. The suffixes "Ite", "ism" and "ian" are, as a matter of Standard Operating Procedure, added to the name of the person to denote the material that this person was responsible for. Beyond that, Robert Heinlein referred to our intellectual descendents as 'Randite" in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress; 1966. So I am comfortable with it.
  2. "objectism" is a pre-existing term. In the strict sense, to use it as a proper name verges on and maybe incurs into wrong. I was recently given the expanded "metaphysical Objectivism" for tehcnical use. About a C; fair but passing, usable but not ideal. The clsoest analigy I can think of is in the field of musical instruments Roland nameed their digital Hammond clone 'VK-7 Combo Organ" this is a direct assault on the Vox, Farfisa and other portable organs of the middle 1960's. There wasa music performance process known as "bi-amping" whuere the sound was devided in or after the mixer and the lower and higher frequencies, "bass" and "treble" were routed to two separate amplifiers that were tuned to those frequencies thus reproducing them with greater clarity. Later a company came out that used that name. I can't account for why Rand chose that for a term save that there were probably extr-phiosophical but valid reasons, such as marketing and publication via the Nathaniel Branden Institute. Also, and this was legitimate durning her lifetime and while the system remained unitary, she disliked some of the implications of having the suffixes used in her case. Nuss Rand was not the hubris-ridden or "angry" person that she is oftend presented as although she could go on a tear if provoked and Galt help the person that provoked her.However, if the system stopped bying unitary or upon the aceession of that philosphy into "prime time", after the passing of Miss Rand, all bets are off.
  3. In addition to that, Those not specifically attached to the NBI were not permitted to use the name "Objectivist". Instead, the operative term was "student of Objectivism". This was to head off any problems created by loose cannons (not stated but anyone with half a brain could figure it out and it was already happening by '65) and officially and out of courtesy, that is what we were called. When I got to Providence Colletge, a Thomistic Aristotelian institution, in 1973, A couple of members of the Philosphy Department said "We seldom get our hands on an Ayn Randian" and I became a rather "hot property" there and the label stuck (like yeah; I'm gonna argue with a respected Aristotelian department using Standard Opberating Procedure with whom I was on good terms? Sure Dude; and Howard Roark is gonna bcome a Maryknoll priest). In some ways, "student of Objectisim" is still true in the way that a histrian is a student of history. As a psychohistorian, I observe how the Objecitist philosophy, if applied, would have prevented or solved a problem. and when not applied, turned a paper cut into a compound fracture of both arms and two ribs.
  4. Around 1977 there were arising several bastard half-breed agressively growing things that were going by the name "Objectivism" that mixed Miss Rand's philsophy variously with socialism, Christianity and some made-up stuff that even God never heard of nor could understand. To indicate that I meant and supported the original, I used "Rnadite", "Randian" and "straigh Randism". This situation is still occurring with the addition of a couple of formely de casa Objectivists in the mix. I carry with me, in my person and identiy, like a tatoo, this history and am uncomfortable doing otherwise. If you have any respect for facts of reality existing apart from and prior to your existence and individualism you will not ask me to do otherwise. and if you get bossy about it, you just might piss me off and watch and see where that leads. Does "Wyatt's Torch" do anthing for you? I don't ask others to do as I have done. You have not been where I have been. You have not learned what I have leaned and you have not dealt with what I have ecountered at the time I encountered it. I will not tolerate disrespect, either. If you have a problem with this, it's your mind and your probem, not mine. It's most likely that I was here a generation before you arrived and the smooth path you stroll on was built by me and my like.